Travná’s Regeneration Team is a year (or more) long program that trains and mentors a new generation of leaders to experience spiritual renewal and influence their world as they live out of God’s love and truth.

The word “regeneration” comes from the Latin regenerate ‘create again’. In biology, ‘regeneration’ describes the process of replacing or healing damaged cells and tissue. Older carpenters used it to refer to the restoration of antique furniture. Theologically, it refers to someone who has been saved, healed spiritually, and brought back to who they were recreated to be.

We emphasize three areas:

We believe that community is central to healthy life and ministry. Mother Teresa says, “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” The best and most creative ministry flows out of close community. Our team meets at the Kennings’ home four weekends a year, where we “live together.” We eat together, clean together, pray, laugh, study, hike, rest, discuss, debate, and worship. We make space for deep sharing within the team. We also plan Travná’s camps together. The fellowship we experience is vital to our ministry and personal growth.

We serve by organizing the camps at Travná and loving those who come. We strive to host the best camps possible that create space for true encounters with God and with other people. Members learn responsibility, team work, how to lead in a variety of settings, how to handle conflict, and most importantly, how to love the person in front of you. These experiences amount to lessons in practical theology: how to live out what we’ve learned and be who we are called to be. We want to be servant leaders that have lots of fun and take life with God joyfully serious. We want to give to others what we have received from God’s grace.

Internships: We also offer internships for those who want to be a part of the team and use their area of specialization/study within the fellowship at Travná. It is an excellent opportunity to get real life practice within your field of study and to serve others with your growing expertise. Along with all the benefits of being in the Regeneration Team, interns have the opportunity for short-term training trips abroad (USA, Norway), financial contributions to educational programs (conferences, one-time courses, etc), mentoring and evaluations, and to participate in Travná’s Core Team in Olomouc.

Interested in joining the Regeneration Team or becoming an Intern? Contact: Jared at or Ráchel at

Regeneration Team

Jared Kenning
Ráchel Černá
Terka Dvořáčková
Šimon Janča
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