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We strive to be a fellowship where people are accepted as they are, where they belong and are connected to one another
in deep relationship. We want
to live as a family rather than
an organization.


True encounter happens when we are honest and vulnerable
with one another. That is scary. But each person longs to be known for who they truly are and to know others. To truly encounter one another takes real courage. We long to live in relationships where people encounter one another
and God


Education is life-long and wholistic. True learning cannot happen outside of real encounter and relationship. The best learning engages the mind, our emotions, our desires and our choices. It penetrates our hearts, our actions and our communities. True learning is more than knowledge. It is governed by love and guides us to become who we were created to be.


We believe that God truly transforms us as we encounter Him in community and learn
to follow Him and are with Him. God longs to transform us on
the inside—our hearts and character—so that we can bring change on the outside: our behaviors, our families, churches, schools, work, politics. Real transformation changes our identity.


Jared Kenning

Jared Kenning


Dana Kenning

Dana Kenning

Ráchel Tomešová

Ráchel Tomešová

Camp Coordinator

Petr Jasinský

Petr Jasinský


A Brief History of Travna

1968-1989 In 1968 the young Evangelical pastor, Adolf Petr, bought a half dilapidated house in Travna and organized the first work camp for youth to renovate the building.  Thanks to Adolf’s international contacts, people from various churches in Germany, then Holland, Norway, France and other countries attended the camps.

1989-1999 During this time the ministry at Travna continued to grow. During the summer work camps around 50 people attended, during New Year’s camp around 100, and during the Easter camp up to 150 people. Thanks to international donations, an international conference center begins to be build. But it was never finished. 

1999-2007 In 1999, Travna becomes a registered non-profit.

2007-2018 In 2009, Jared Kenning is named director of the organization. Jared leads a team of volunteers that organizes camps and meetings for young people at Travna and beyond.

2018 Travna celebrates 50 years of camps. Over 200 people came to celebrate.



Travná 4
790 70 Javorník
Telephone (the house): 584 440 383
Company registration number: 68911611