The organization Encounters Travná exists thanks to the generosity of many people. We are very thankful for all who supported and are supporting this ministry. We are grateful for partnerships with you to serve the young generation! With your gifts, you can support the events at Travná or camp coordinator Ráchel Tomešová.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

I want to support the events at Travná

bank account number: 2700120870 / 2010
Fio banka, Dolní náměstí 168/20, Olomouc 779 00
IBAN: CZ7720100000002700120870

I want to support Ráchel Černá

bank account number: 2000123173/2010
Fio banka, Dolní náměstí 168/20, Olomouc 779 00
IBAN: CZ5620100000002000123173

Confirmation of donation

Thank you for your donation!
We send confirmations of all donations for the calendar year by email by the end of January to all donors for whom we have the necessary information, which is the donor’s name and permanent address. Of course, we will also send by post on request. However, the electronic forms are fully accepted by the vast majority of payroll accountants and tax authorities. If you don’t receive an email confirmation from us by the end of January, please check your SPAM/Junk/Mass Mail folder and if the confirmation is not there either, please contact us.


There are also other ways you can support Travná and join the community.


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Experience Travná events, help with preparations or cooking.