How I Experienced Easter Travná 1.

he said ‘it will definitely be the best Easter that I will ever experience’ – which turned out to be true.

Hello, my name is Any, and I have to warn you that this narration is going to be long and detailed. I learned about the existence of Travná only a week before Easter Travná started. My friends Julia and Matt told me about it. Their parents used to go to Travná events regularly when they were teenagers and in their twenties. Matt invited me to go with them because he said “it will definitely be the best Easter that I will ever experience” – which turned out to be true.

The thing I like about Travná events is that they run for several days, which gives us the opportunity to get to know other people better (especially if you are an introvert). Looking back, when I was leaving Easter Travná on Sunday afternoon, it really hurt to say goodbye to some of the people who became my friends.

Now, back to the beginning. On Thursday afternoon we traveled to Travná by car. It wasn’t easy to drive on the narrow paths but we survived. 🙂 Matt showed me around and we went for a walk to the forest. Julia is really good at meeting new people, so thanks to her I got to know a lot of people.

In the evening, we were divided into community groups. There were around seven people in each group and we discussed things together, prayed, shared, and helped in the kitchen. The best thing about the community group is that you can talk honestly and openly in front of others. That evening I also met Jared, the director of Travná. I like it when he speaks Czech, it’s funny sometimes. But mainly I like him because he is a wise, peaceful person with a good sense of humor. Jared prepared good questions for personal reflection. I liked his challenge – “Do not be afraid of silence.” We stayed up really late the first night and played and sang a lot of songs with several people in the cellar. I thought I would have problems with talking to new people, but Travná was full of surprises.