The Wells at Travná

Travná started in the summer of 1968 during the communist regime. (Travná is the name of the camp as well as the name of the village where it’s located) The founder, Adolf Petr, was a pastor from the Evangelical Brethren Church, organized a semi-legal youth camp in the mountains near the Czech/Polish border. The camp has met annually since then despite attempts by the communists to shut it down. Christians from all over the Czech Republic and different denominations come there for teaching, fellowship, and training. Many non-believers have met God in a powerful way, some hearing the Good News for the first time!

Travna was a safe place for much needed fellowship and encouragement… the “spiritual wells” were dug deep at Travná.

Some of the friends we met at Travná shared how their parents and grandparents were persecuted by the communist regime for being Christian, being beaten, never getting promoted, or even loosing their jobs. Travna was a safe place for much needed fellowship and encouragement! We’ve heard that the “spiritual wells” were dug deep at Travná.

When Zack and I were part of “Team Travná,” (a short term global outreach project) we helped with work projects around the camp. We also had the opportunity to meet Adolf Petr’s widow. She told us stories of how they used to bath in the small creek and set up tents before they had the building and showers with warm, running water! (At least it was warm if you were the first one to get in) Currently, there are 5 youth camps help at Travná each year. We are excited to be a part of this impactful ministry!