How I experienced Easter Travná 2

On Friday morning we carried a large wooden cross up a hill about one kilometer from Travná. We went to the forest where the Stations of the Cross are made out of stone. This was supposed to be the scene of carrying a cross up to Golgotha. Each of us played a role: some were supporting Jesus, but the majority were shouting “Crucify!”. We all realized how difficult it is sometimes to go against the crowd and we experienced helplessness, probably just as Jesus’ friends also did. Then we had to spend one hour alone, in personal reflection. Everyone took it seriously, no one boycotted, which was interesting. I spent this time in gratitude. Everything was silent; the warmth of spring surrounded me and I was grateful. This was a special moment for me. God used this for speaking to me.

In the afternoon we walked to the church in Javorník. I talked with IT guys about the future of technology. My friend Julča read the Passion Story in the church, so she kept preparing it the whole day. In the evening, the team read the part from “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” where Aslan dies and is risen again. It was powerful. Some people went outside to sing by the camp fire and others were baking dough on the wooden bar. Here is where my friendship with Ondra started. And I felt good, really good.

After darkness surrounded us, each of us took a stone and everyone went to the Station of the Cross again. The stone represented our sins and the worries that we carry as a burden with us. At the end of the path, we laid the stones down under the wooden cross that we brought up earlier that day. This was a symbol of surrendering to Jesus who took all our sins and died for them. This was the best Station of the Cross that I’ve ever experienced in my life. People were not afraid to stand in silence and really live through these moments. Then someone started to sing a Taize song and everyone joined in.

I enjoyed another Travná tradition – signing the song “The day is over, we are going to sleep” at the end of each day. I like this song very much and it fills me with joy every time we sing it.