How I experienced Easter Travná 3

On Saturday we went for a day-trip to the Jeseník mountains. The views there were amazing! I also found myself in a two-hour-long discussion which was kind of exhausting. Tom was the main critic, so sometimes it felt life-threatening to be part of these discussions. 😀 The topics were such evolution, politics, democracy, current presidents, science, homosexuality, ecology, the Czech educational system… so in the end, I furtively left the conversation to give myself a break.

I spent a lot of time with my friends Julča and Ondra. Our small group was helping in the kitchen that day. So after the trip, we joyfully washed the dished, baptized each other with splashes of water, and hit each other with the dish towel for fun. Jared splashed all of us and we wanted to get him back, so he hid behind me. Jared, this is not over! If you are reading this, the revenge will be had sooner or later!!!

In the evening, there was time for personal reflection on Isaiah 43. After reflection, you could write a letter to Jesus. Whatever was on your heart, you didn’t have to share it with anyone. Later after Travná, Jared reminded us to finish the letter or to write another one. I have mine still today. After the program, we practiced music for the Sunday service. There were so many musicians and I was so excited for us to play together! We played until Honza and Šimon forced us to stop, because some of the participants were already sleeping.

On Sunday, we went to the church in Javorník . I loved the songs we played! After the service, we took a picture together. Then we walked back to Travná, sat at the stairs outside, and talked. Hanka K. took pictures of people with an older camera. After a while, she stopped, thought for a while, and then said: “Wow, people are really beautiful.” I loved this moment!

In the afternoon I went to the forest with Julča. Suddenly I tripped over stones and fell down the slope. I thought that God probably loves me very much because I wasn’t injured at all! The next day we traveled back to Olomouc. The trains were full so that there was no place for us to sit down. After arriving in Olomouc, I had time to think about Travná. I sat down with my hug bad and my guitar and called my mum. I had to share my experiences and joy with someone. I had so much of it that it was overflowing from me! Travná is another world that I will be always looking forward to. 🙂

If you’ve read till the end, good job! Travná enriched me in many ways and I would like to encourage you to visit. You can even decide completely spontaneously, as I did. And if you would like to know more, let me know. I would be happy to share with you all the details of my experience with Travná!

– Any

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